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Fish Oil & Omega Fatty Acids

Regular Omega 3 intake may reduce inflammation, support strong joints, healthy skin, and more.

Because our bodies do not naturally produce Omega 3 fats, we must take in this essential “good fat” through the foods we eat. Sources include flax, walnuts, salmon, chia seeds, and supplements; we carry many Omega 3 liquid and soft-gel formulas to suit any need including vegan and vegetarian diets.

  • Bottle of Synergy-3 Optimum Omega 500 Milliliters
    Bottle of Synergy-3 Optimum Omega 200 Milliliters
    Optimum Health Vitamins

    Synergy-3 Optimum Omega

    from $19.99
    Ends 10/31/21

    Highlights With EPA, DHA and GLA Synergistically formulated for enhanced anti-inflammatory effects Helps support brain and cardiovascular health

    from $19.99
  • Bottle of Omega-More 180 Softgels
    Bottle of Omega-More 90 Softgels

    Omega More

    from $29.99

    Highlights Vitamin E neutralizes free radicals & protects EFAs from oxidation (makes delicate oils stable, preventing rancidity) ...

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    from $29.99
  • Bottle of Kids Omega-3 Bursts Fruit Punch 120 Softgels

    Kids Omega-3 Bursts


    Highlights Wild tuna fish oil Fun, fish-shaped omega 3 chewables Natural fruit punch flavour and naturally sweetened

  • Box of Bell Clear Skin 90 Capsules

    Clear Skin


    Highlights Helps as a blood cleanser and blood purifier Natural ingredients for vibrant skin Helps to nourish cells and remove toxins